Ochre tones

If you don't own anything in this orangey-yellow tone - mustard, ochre, whatever you would like to call it, its back from the 70s and here the stay, at least for a while. The pantone reference for you designers out there is 17-1048 TPX. Across a wide range of product areas from Fjallraven's simple Kanken backpack through to Sophie Hulme's latest collection feature this odd ball but beautifully luscious color.

Ochre tones have blasted back from the 70s right into the lap of 2016. Trans-seasonal, this versatile color works across several market levels and product areas. Orange and yellow tones have been trending over the last few seasons but this is one to stay. Why? Due to the importance of the over arching trans-seasonal trend which has been bubbling up over the last few years and 70s trend colliding. By the way, we also love velour 60s furniture!

About the Author
Jacqui Ma is the Director of Footwear & Accessories at WGSN, she is also the founder and designer of cycling bag company Goodordering. With 10 + years working in product design, trends, and manufacturing, her expertise lies in  fashion, accessories, footwear, innovation, business and content strategy.